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Implant Locator Pin


Titan Implants’ Implant Locator Pin is a straight threaded pin with a serrated

handle designed for several practical uses:

At times, it may be difficult to insert an impression coping or abutment

intraorally due to impaired visibility or access. The implant locator is easier to screw into the implant. Once inserted, by hand, the impression coping or abutment will slide over the pin and lock in place because of the snug fit of the head. Then the implant locator pin is removed and replaced by the

appropriate screw.

The implant locator pin can be used to check for parallelism and positioning of the implants intraorally. This can be done in the lab too. In the lab, the implant locator pin is convenient for custom abutment fabrication. Simple slide the plastic sleeve down the implant locator pin and proceed to wax-up to the appropriate gingival height. The ease of sliding the abutment on and off saves time and simplifies lab work. (This can be actually done in the mouth)

The implant locator pin comes in three different lengths and different threads to match various manufacturers.

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